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Rufus Court's chequered past

The oldest building in Rufus Court was built in 1735, the newest in 1991, although the area has been used since long before the Romans arrived, because of it's favoured position atop a sandstone escarpment.

In Winter, when the plants are low, you can stand just outside the wall, at Northgate, and look at part of the wall from the Roman Fort (it's the bits that stick out below the newer walls). The buildings above the Roman Wall were built between 1735 and 1750 - and just behind those buildings is Rufus Court with buildings built in 1991 - artfully created to blend with all those already there.

By the 1960's the area around Abbey Green had become delapidated, with empty buildings, tall weeds and old garages. The Cathedral drew up plans to demolish the shops along Northgate Street and erect an office block. The plans were scuppered when an Archeological dig in preparation for the development found remains of the original Roman ramparts.

The area continued it's decline until the late 1970's, when the Cathedral started to undertake work to renovate the shops on Northgate Street. The following photograph shows the waste land at Abbey Green in 1976.

Abbey Green, Chester 1976

The Thompson Cox Partnership redeveloped this area in 1991. The development had to be modern, multi use, but still blend in with the old buildings and the ancient wall. The developers did a marvellous job, with shops, offices, apartments, holiday apartments, places to eat and drink and a beautiful continental style courtyard in which to relax and wind away the tension of the day. The 6ft weeds were replaced by grass, and Chester's largest beer garden appeared out of the mess.

Rufus Court Courtyard

Rufus Court has been a haven for independent, quirky, small businesses over the years. Being tucked away from the rest of Chester has meant that Rufus Court has attracted specialists that have good reputations and customers that will search to find them, wherever they may be.